Saturday, August 30, 2008

Important tips Car Insurance For Modified Cars

Important tips Car Insurance For Modified Cars

Learn why modding a car and having insurance for it is needed or one of the best investment.
Modified Cars Insurance is the best thing next to you superb car.

It is now a common occurrence to see both modified cars that bring the envy out in you, and also feel the urge to ask the owner what on earth they were thinking. From the standard spoiler being fitted for a sportier look to fine tuning the engine to give that little bit more on the highway, the popularity of people modifying cars has increased substantially.

Depending on what it is you are doing to your car depends on how harshly your insurance premiums will rise. If you have fitted a body kit, new alloys and an extra exhaust you are going to be paying more than somebody who has a customised paint job simply because you car is at higher risk of being stolen.

There are ways of making a modified car more affordable however. If you make sure that you always have somewhere to store your car that can be locked and not easily accessed, your insurance supplier will most likely give you a discount. If you are planning to modify the engine on your car, stay well away from nitrous oxide based kits. Insurance companies will nine times out of ten refuse to insure these cars due to the highly increased fire and damage risk.

If you invest in a tracker, where your vehicle is tagged and can be found by satellite if stolen, you will be able to save well over the purchase price through your insurance costs. Another product to buy to lower premiums is a Thatcham approved car alarm. The majority of insurers will accept these alarms as the best on the market and lower your premium a little.

Calibre Coachworks Astra Coupe

Possibly the most expensive UK modified car projects up in flames.... by an electrical fault.

In addition to these security products, if you have added some beautiful new alloys to your car you should consider buying ones with locking nuts supplied or purchase these as an additional kit. By using this method there is one key you can use to get the wheels off, that you keep separate to the car or out of sight in the car such as the boot. This simply stops thieves from snatching your new additions completely and is becoming common place with new alloy designs.

Very small additions or alterations will most likely not affect your insurance policy but you should always inform your insurer anyway. If you plan to do any dramatic work on your car via modifications it may be worth speaking to your policy supplier to get an idea of how much more your payments will be afterwards.


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