Saturday, August 30, 2008

Speed Channel's American Modded Muscle Car

Speed Channel's American Modded Muscle Car

I was just watching a program on the SPEED channel called "American Muscle Car." The show was featuring "ultra" performance cars and it mentioned a big name that started off this high-performance American muscle craze. The company which produced these highly exclusive, highly powerful cars was called "Baldwin Motion".

The original Baldwin-Motion Performance Group (1967-1974) represented a partnership between Baldwin Auto Company, a franchised Chevrolet dealership dating back to the early-1920s and Motion Performance, a high-profile speed shop with a reputation for building fast Chevys. Both were located in Baldwin, Long Island, NY, a New York City suburb.

The most publicised Motion car was the 1969 Baldwin-Motion 540 SuperSpeedster, a mix of old styling combined with modern technology, which rides on its original chassis and has the original body-work. Here's the car shown at the 2006 SEMA show:

"Our Motion 540 big-block makes power through 6,200 rpm. However tests were limited to 5,500 rpm as we couldn't keep the Camaro from climbing out of the dyno's rollers," said Joel 'Mr. Motion' Rosen.

"Horsepower at the flywheel is 700-plus and throttle response is spectacular. We thought it was going to pull the tie-downs out of the ground!" added Motion CEO, Larry Jaworske, who worked with Rosen during the dyno tuning session.

Baldwin-Motion's Flagship Camaros feature big-block engines set back 13 inches, resulting in a true front/mid engine layout and outstanding handling and braking. The SEMA showcar's transmission is five-speed Tremec hooked up to the independent rear via a custom carbon fiber driveshaft.

Source/Full Story: Baldwin-Motion
The history was very interesting and well worth the read.

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